ARA – Ahmedabad Realtor Association is nothing but the form the foundation of The Association of Real Estate Agents. The objects of ARA being to act as a vital communication bridge between the Builders/Developers, Estate Agent and the Customers.

ARA also assists buyers and sellers in locating properties outside their country and in locating a real estate professional who abides by a code of ethics and can best meet their individual needs.

India Real Estate market has been seeing multi level rise in the past few years. If industry sources are to be believed, this upward drift has no sign of coming down or even lying flat for few more years to come. Eminence, reliability, and customer satisfaction, these are three pillars on which ARA stands. The facts that major real estate companies in India are going public, proves the potential of the Indian property market. ARA provides a common platform for Indian property owners, potential buyers & property dealers in India. We have comprehensive listings of residential & commercial property.

Our Vision
To have a global name, make our customers delight and provide human services. In all activities we seek professional excellence, Ethical means justify our noble ends.

The Mission
We shall strive to be a value based Association seeking professional excellence in all our products, processes and services. We, the members of our family commit ourselves to revere Environment, Health and Safety principles, uphold the dignity of human beings, nurture team spirit and foster leadership through empowerment.